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The following are 24 common species of ethnobotanical significance found in the Black Hills and adjoining Great Plains, organized alphabetically by family, genus, and species.    These plants will be introducing during field and laboratory sessions of AIS 377 and students are expected to know their key characteristics and to be able to identify them growing in the wild.

Acer negundo (Aceraceae)

Box Elder

Yucca glauca (Agavaceae)


Achillea millefolium (Asteraceae)

Wild Yarrow

Artemisia frigida (Asteraceae)

Lady Sage

Artemisia ludoviciana (Asteraceae)

White Sage

Echinacea angustifolia (Asteraceae)

Purple Coneflower

Aceraceae  (Maple Family)

Agavaceae  (Agave Family)

Asteraceae  (Sunflower Family)

Betula papyrifera (Betulaceae)

Paper Birch

Ostrya virginiana (Betulaceae)

Ironwood or Hop Hornbeam

Betulaceae  (Birch Family)

Cupressaceae  (Cypress Family)

Juniperus virginiana (Cupressaceae)

Eastern Juniper

Elaeagnaceae  (Oleaster Family)

Shepherdia argentea (Elaeagnaceae)

Buffalo Berry

Cornaceae  (Dogwood Family)

Cornus stolonifera (Cornaceae)

Red-Osier Dogwood

Ericaceae  (Heath Family)

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Ericaceae)

Bearberry or Kinnikinnick

Fabaceae  (Pea Family)

Amorpha canescens (Fabaceae)

Lead Plant

Fagaceae  (Beech Family)

Quercus macrocarpa (Fagaceae)

Bur Oak

Lamiaceae  (Mint Family)

Monarda fistulosa (Lamiaceae)

Bergamot or Bee Balm

Pinaceae  (Pine Family)

Pinus ponderosa (Pinaceae)

Ponderosa Pine

Poaceae  (Grass Family)

Bouteloua curtipendula (Poaceae)

Side-Oats Gramma

Schizachryium scoparium (Poaceae)

Little Bluestem

Rosaceae  (Rose Family)

Prunus virginiana (Rosaceae)

Choke Cherry

Rosa arkansana (Rosaceae)

Prairie Rose

Salicaceae  (Willow Family)

Populus deltoides (Salicaceae)

Eastern Cottonwood

Salix spp. (Salicaceae)


Scrophulariaceae  (Figwort Family)

Verbascum thapsus (Scrophulariaceae)


Typhaceae  (Cattail Family)

Typha spp. (Typhaceae)