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BIOL 301  Plant Systematics. Principles of phylogeny, classification, nomenclature, and evolution; demonstrations, field study and laboratory practice in collecting, preserving, and identifying plants.  Four credits (includes lab).  Fall semester, even years.

The full syllabus for BIOL 301 can be downloaded here.

Images for many plant species introduced in field + lab sessions can be viewed here.

Instructors:           Justin Ramsey, Jonas Science 168

                               Tara Ramsey, Jonas Science 168

Office Hours:      Mondays 4-5PM, Tuesdays 12-1PM, Thursdays 12-1PM, Fridays 4-5PM

                       (or by appointment)

Meeting Times:       There are two, 3-hour sessions that meet each week of the semester:

                                   Tuesdays,  8:00–10:50 am,  Jonas Science 142.

                                   Thursdays, 8:00–10:50 pm,  Jonas Science 142.

Schedule for Lectures, Labs, & Field Sessions

Week 01         ---        Tuesday:   Course Introduction & Plant Collecting Methods

(Aug. 23 & 25)             Thursday:  BHSU Campus (field session)

Week 02         ---        Tuesday:   Thoen Stone (field session)

(Aug. 30 & Sept. 1)       Thursday:  Crow Peak GPA (field session)

Week 03         ---        Tuesday:   Spearfish Hatchery (field session) 

(Sept. 6 & 8)                Thursday:  McNenny State Wildlife Area (field session)

Week 04         ---        Tuesday:   Intro to Taxonomic Keys

(Sept. 13 & 15)             Thursday:   Botany Bay (field session)

Week 05         ---        Tuesday:   Higgins Gulch (field session)

(Sept. 20 & 22)            Thursday:  Higgins Gulch (field session)

Week 06         ---        Tuesday:   Belle Fourche Reservoir (field session)

(Sept. 27 & 29)            Thursday:   Lookout Mt. (field session)

Week 07         ---        Tuesday:   Cement Ridge (field session)

(Oct. 4 & 6)                 Thursday:   Exam No. 1

Week 08         ---        Tuesday:  Trees of the BHSU Campus

(Oct. 11 & 13)              Thursday:  Plant Structure & Morphology I

Week 09         ---        Tuesday:  Plant Structure & Morphology II

(Oct. 18 & 20)             Thursday:  Plant Families (Dicots) I

Week 10      ---        Tuesday:  Plant Families (Dicots) II

(Oct. 25 & 27)             Thursday:  Plant Families (Monocots)

Week 11      ---        Tuesday:  Phylogeny of Vascular Plants

(Nov. 1 & 3)                 Thursday:  Review & Synthesis

Week 12         ---       Tuesday:   Exam No. 2

(Nov. 8 & 10)               Thursday:  Ethnobotany & Uses of Plants

Week 13         ---      Tuesday:   Specimen Identifications

(Nov. 15 & 17)              Thursday:  Herbarium Specimen Mounting

Week 14         ---        Tuesday:  Herbarium Specimen Mounting

(Nov. 22 & 24)             Thursday:   Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 15         ---        Tuesday:  Biogeography of the Black Hills

(Nov. 29 & Dec. 1)        Thursday:  Plant Invasion

Week 16         ---       Tuesday:  Rare Plants & Plant Conservation

(Dec. 6)

Week 17         ---       Monday:  Exam No. 3

(Dec. 12)


Course Downloads (assorted file formats):

Instructions for Collection of Herbarium Specimens       PDF

Guidelines for Field Notes                                               PDF

Template for Herbarium Label                                        DOC

BIOL 301 Final Species List (standard version)                PDF

BIOL 301 Final Species List (exotic species tagged)        PDF

BIOL 301 Summary of Plant Family Traits                        PDF

BIOL 301 Edible & Poisonous Plants List                           PDF

Taxonomic Key to Campanulaceae            PDF

Taxonomic Key to Fabaceae                    PDF

Taxonomic Key to Malvaceae                   PDF

Taxonomic Key to Plantaginaceae            PDF

Taxonomic Key to Rosaceae                    PDF

BIOL 301 Characteristics of Species Not Covered in Larson & Johnson Guide       PDF

BIOL 301 Leaf & Flower Structures (scans of instructor notes)        PDF

BIOL 301 Pistils, Carpels, & Fruits (scans of instructor notes)           PDF

BIOL 301 Evolution of Green Plants (scans of instructor notes)         PDF

BIOL 301 BHSU Campus Trees PowerPoint                                         PDF

BIOL 301 Ethnobotany PowerPoint                                                     PDF

BIOL 301 Black Hills Biogeography (scans of instructor notes)          PDF

BIOL 301 Black Hills Geomorphology                                                  PDF

BIOL 301 Plant Invasion PowerPoint                                                   PDF

Study Guide (for Exam 1)                                                  PDF

Study Guide (for Exam 2)                                                 PDF

Study Guide (for Exam 3)                                                 PDF

Extra Credit Assignment #1 (‘Plant Identification Riddles’)             PDF

Extra Credit Assignment #2 (‘Family Identification Riddles’)          PDF

Graduate Student Assignment (additional plant species to know)                     PDF

Graduate Student Assignment (chapters and topics in Plant Speciation)          PDF

Anatomy     PDF

Course photos...

Additional BHSU course photos may be found here and here!