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BIOL 462  Dendrology. The study of woody plants, including practical skills in identifying trees and shrubs. Natural history interpretation, natural resources management, and practical aspects of forestry will be covered as well as woody plant anatomy. Four credits (includes lab). Fall semester, odd years.

The full syllabus for BIOL 462 can be downloaded here.

Instructors:            Justin Ramsey, Jonas Science 168

                                Tara Ramsey, Jonas Science 168

Office Hours:       Mondays 5-6PM, Tuesdays noon-1, Wednesdays 6-7PM, Thursdays noon-1

                                 (or by appointment)

Meeting Times:       There are two, 3-hour sessions that meet each week of the semester:

                                 Tuesdays,  8:00–10:50AM,  Jonas Science 142.

                                 Thursdays, 8:00–10:50AM,  Jonas Science 142.

Schedule for Lectures, Labs, & Field Sessions

Week 01           ---        Tuesday:    Course Introduction & Plant Collection Methods

(Aug. 22 & 24)               Thursday:   ‘Leaf & Stem Morphology’ Lecture

                                                         BHSU Campus Field Trip

Week 02           ---        Tuesday:     ‘Flowers & Fruits’ Lecture

(Aug. 29 & 31)                                   Crow Peak GPA Field Trip

                                      Thursday:   Spearfish Hatchery Field Trip

Week 03           ---        Tuesday:     Botany Bay Field Trip 

(Sept. 5 & 7)                  Thursday:   Cement Ridge Field Trip

Week 04           ---        Tuesday:     ‘Taxonomic Keys’ Lecture

(Sept. 12 & 14)                                  Higgins Gulch Field Trip #1

                                      Thursday:   Tree/Shrub Keying Exercise II (BHSU Campus)

Week 05           ---        Tuesday:     Plant Families I Lecture

(Sept. 19 & 21)                                  Higgins Gulch Field Trip #2

                                      Thursday:  Plant Families II Lecture

                                                         McNenny SWA Field Trip

Week 06           ---        Tuesday:     Belle Fourche Reservoir Field Trip

(Sept. 26 & 28)              Thursday:   ‘Woody Plant Phylogeny’ Lecture

                                                          Jorgensen Park Field Trip

Week 07           ---        Tuesday:     Iron Creek Field Trip

(Oct. 3 & 5)                   Thursday:  Tree/Shrub Keying Exercise II (BHSU Campus)

Week 08           ---        Tuesday:     Exam #1

(Oct. 10 & 12)                 Thursday:   ID Exam                                                                                                             

Week 09           ---        Tuesday:     ‘Climate’ Lecture

(Oct. 17 & 19)                                    Herbarium Specimen Prep

                                      Thursday:   ‘Physiography & Soils’ Lecture I

                                                         Herbarium Specimen Prep       

Week 10        ---        Tuesday:     ‘Physiography & Soils II’ Lecture

(Oct. 24 & 26)                                   Google Earth Exercise

                                       Thursday:   Black Hills Biogeography Lecture

                                                          Google Earth Exercise

Week 11        ---        Tuesday:      ‘Population Parameters’ Lecture

(Oct. 31 & Nov. 2)                               Excel Exercise

                                       Thursday:    ‘Biodiversity’ Lecture

                                                           Excel Exercise

Week 12           ---        Tuesday:      ‘Woody Plant Anatomy & Physiology I’ Lecture

(Nov. 7 & 9)                    Thursday:    Lookout Mt. Field Trip                                                      

Week 13           ---       Tuesday:      Exam #2

(Nov. 14 & 16)                 Thursday:    ‘Woody Plant Anatomy & Physiology II’ Lecture              


Week 14           ---         Tuesday:      Lookout Mt. Data Exercise

(Nov. 21 & 23)                 Thursday:    Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 15           ---         Tuesday:      ‘Woody Plant Anatomy & Physiology III’ Lecture

(Nov. 28 & 30)                                     Lookout Mt. Data Exercise

                                       Thursday:    ‘Forest Biomes I’ Lecture

                                                           Lookout Mt. Data Exercise

Week 16           ---         Tuesday:      ‘Forest Biomes II’ Lecture

(Dec. 5)                                             

Week 17           ---           Monday:     Exam #3

(Dec. 13@8AM)


Course Downloads (PDF format):

Instructions (Plant Collecting & Pressing)                   PDF

Instructions (Plant Mounting & Labeling)                    PDF

Herbarium Label Template (for campus trees)           PPTX

Herbarium Label Template (other plants)                   PPTX

Plant ID Assignment (‘riddles’)                                    PDF                                           

Taxonomic Key for BHSU Trees/Shrubs                     PDF

Course Species List (names only)                                 PDF

Course Species List (with descriptions)                       PDF

Exam 1 Study Guide                        PDF

Exam 2 Study Guide                        PDF             Problem Answers

Exam 3 Study Guide                        PDF

Google Earth Exercise                 DOC          KMZ

Excel Exercise                             PDF           XLS1         XLS2         XLS3

Plot Visualization Exercise           PDF           KMZ

Lookout Mt. Exercise Part 1         PDF          Data Set         Table 1

Lookout Mt. Exercise Part 2         PDF         XLS Template 1        XLS Template 2        Fig. 1 & 2

Arno et al. 1995 USFS Report      PDF       

North American Biomes slides        PDF

Course photos...

Additional photos can be found here!