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BIOL 153. General Biology II (BIOL 153) is the second of a two-part series that introduces Biology majors to general concepts, fundamental principles, and basic details of the natural sciences; BIOL 153L is the lab that accompanies BIOL 153.  General Biology II deals with plants and groups traditionally placed with plants such as bacteria, fungi, and other photosynthetic organisms.  The course focuses primarily on plant structure, function, operation, evolution, and systematics.  Co-taught with Professor David Siemens.  Four credits (includes lab). Spring semester, every year.

BIOL 153L course website

BIOL 301 Plant Systematics.  Principles of phylogeny, classification, nomenclature, and evolution; demonstrations, field study and laboratory practice in collecting, preserving, and identifying plants. Four credits (includes lab). Fall semester, even years.

BIOL 301 course website

AIS 377 Ethnobotany.  A scientific study of the history, identification and use of the native plants by indigenous cultures.  Focus is on the interactions between people, cultures and plants, with a particular emphasis given of the plant use of the Lakota people. Co-taught with Professors Jace DeCory and John Dixson.  Three credits. Fall semester, odd years.

AIS 377 course website

BIOL 461 Agrostology. Studies of the morphology, classification and identification of grasses, as well as their utilization in agriculture and grazing. The evolution of grasses, including inference from fossils on the high plains of North America, is considered. Three credits (includes lab). Fall semester, even years.

BIOL 461 course website

BIOL 462  Dendrology. The study of woody plants, including practical skills in identifying trees and shrubs. Natural history interpretation, natural resources management, and practical aspects of forestry will be covered as well as woody plant anatomy. Four credits (includes lab). Fall semester, odd years.

BIOL 462 course website

BIOL 490 Senior Seminar. A topical, undergraduate-level course focused on student presentation (oral + poster), writing assignments, and classroom discussion.  Career opportunities and steps required to achieve professional goals are also emphases of this course. Two credits, every semester.

BIOL 490 course website

BIOL 590 Graduate Seminar.  A topical, graduate-level course focused on presentation of student research and review of scientific literature in the field of integrative genomics. Co-taught by graduate faculty in the School of Natural Sciences. One credit, every semester.

BIOL 590 course website

Natural Sciences Seminar.  Seminar by outside speakers as well as BHSU faculty and graduate students that focuses on presentation of scientific research and teaching methodologies.  By tradition the Natural Sciences Seminar is held on Friday afternoons @ noon in the Trump Room (Student Union Bldg.)

BHSU Course Photos (2014 - present)

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Ramsey Lab teaching at Black Hills State University. 

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